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Finalized version of this:…

Inspired by:…

all the series on this list are here because of Interdimensional conspiracies of Illuminati and Anunnaki(both are from our world) where the Anunnaki technology invokes the Grand Crossover by something that sensitive to Planetary alignment that's placed on Earth hundreds millions of years ago by Anunnaki themselves. and many of the series that used here are have their Universes destroyed by Anunnaki harvesting Hearts for building their Kingdom Hearts with their Nanotech-implanted Heartless that didn't just makes them immune to even keyblades, not to mention at least some series that included here are have their universe suffers other kind of Apocalypse and here's the rule for adding stuff to be mixed in this project:

As long as those added here aren't listed in there:……

that's it so far when it come to the rules and here the series that this project uses(parenthesis indicates on how we treats those series):

Major/Important Series/Universes:

•Spongebob Squarepants (the Ultimate Crossover Movie itself are takes Place following the events in the Spongebob Squarepants Movie(since it's canonically very last episode of Spongebob series), events in Sponge out of Water didn't happens here in Ani-Toonspiracy project)
•The Simpsons (takes place following the Simpsons Movie(with some elements from recent Simpsons seasons like Edna's death) where Simpsons family got Powers based on their The Simpsons Game incarnations)
•Real Life (mainly for it's (So-called) Conspiracy Theories and the like(including it's Hidden History) as well it's Myths and Legends and it serves as home verse of both Illuminati and Anunnaki (excluding their client organizations/species) plus it's also serves as hub world)
•Command and Conquer Tiberian Series (primarily for CABAL(which may or may not different one that may or may not assimilates canon CABAL) being Karen's Replacement as well also uses unused/cut/beta elements from Tiberian Incursion, explained as Paradox that good guys creates from Red Alert 2 timeline as last ditch attempt to save the world from Yuri's mind control tech)
•Command and Conquer Generals (canon through Generals 1 and Zero Hour, then when China replaces United States as the leading world's Superpower in that universe, turning point takes place at cliff-hanger that leads to Canceled 2013 Command and Conquer, also uses elements from Project Camacho)
•Heroes (Canon through Volume 1 to first half of Volume 3 where after that, Sylar suddenly becomes Composite Season 1 and 3, instead of joining Arthur's Team, Hiro Nakamura refuses to do so and instead, he infiltrates Pinehearst building and uses the formula to gives Ando Power to supercharge others(such as Peter Petrelli) before he joins main characters of the Ultimate Crossover Movie, and then Alex Mercer eats 7 billion people from this universe that aren't Emile Danko or Hiro Nakamura)
•Pokemon Anime (canon where it goes through Kanto and then Orange Island saga, then it follows alternate timeline based on this question: "what if Tracey didn't becomes Professor Oak's assistant, he travels with Ash to Johto(and later regions) instead?" by the time Johto saga happens so Ash beats Pokemon League of any region in only 1 year(at most) per region(minus Unova and Kalos) before the events of this Project)
•Teen Titans (canon until last episode, also uses elements from Teen Titans Go(tie-in comic, not 2013-present cartoon) for it's Expanded Universe stuff where we adapting Cyborg joins this verse's incarnation of Justice League after heavily damaged following battle in "Things Change" episode, and we also incorporating Red X being this universe's Jason Todd)
•Digimon (Canon through first Season, possibly AU(of canon divergence variety) by the time 02 Takes place(some events like Taichi gave his goggle to Daisuke does happens, but others like Takeru and Hikari's Digivices becomes D3 doesn't happens), also uses elements from later Digimon seasons/entries(explained with Dimensional Bleed-out that happens throughout Digimon multiverse), and Tamers universe are used as rest area for Hiro Nakamura where he meets Takato Matsuki as another Pop culture junkie. more Digimon universe used: one with absent humans are used as Anunnaki's nanotech heartless fodder)
•Kingdom Hearts (Canon, then canon diverges before 3D or 2.5 happens)
•The World Ends With You (canon until Secret ending of TWEWY)
•Spore (the Universe that Ani-Toonspiracy's creator creates used as one of background universes(that's destroyed under unknown circumstances), then the Grox simply joins Anunnaki empire)
•Crysis (Canon through Crysis 1 and Warhead, ignores Crysis 2,3, and Comics(as well retcons that turns all Nanosuits into Spiderman's Symbiote expies). Crynet systems bought by ACME Corporation)
•Prototype (canon through first game, then the canon diverges from Alex Mercer abducted by Anunnaki flying saucer)
•Metal Slug (canon through Metal Slug 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 4, and maybe Advance, where even when both Metal Slug 5 and 3d didn't happens in this project, both Ptolemaic Army and Oguma Corporation are still around(and pledges their allegiance to Illuminati and Anunnaki respectively) as well includes cut contents like Glen Acchilles being Summon character)
•Halo/Red vs Blue (Canon through games developed by Bungie Studios, then diverges before events in games developed by Studios 343 happens, also includes Red vs Blue characters)
•Iji (Head-cannon, follows Pacifist ending with Dan Alive, then leads to this project)
•Classic Doom (turning points somewhere after Doomguy stays in Hell(Classic Doom universe) alive after he destroys hell at least 3 times only to finds out it rebuilt itself everytime it got destroyed where after the turning point, Demons from Doom universe joins the ranks of the Anunnaki empire which prompts Doomguy to joins our heroes)
•Half Life (canon, then turning points takes place following Half Life 2 where G-man absorbed by Plankton in Final Battle)
•First Encounter Assault Recon (follows Monolith Timeline where when Keira Stokes straps Michael Becket to Telesthetic amplifier, Hiro Nakamura creates Paradox(which leads to events in this project) by stopping Genevieve Aristide from shutting down amplifier, allowing Michael Becket to joins protagonists of the Ultimate Crossover Movie, but the consequence is: Armacham Technology Corporation goes bankrupt and then bought by ACME Corporation in this paradox, thus F.E.A.R. Team in that timeline splits into 2 groups: one that supports ACME Corporation(must be exclusively normies), and one that opposes it(all Superhuman population in F.E.A.R. universe must belong here) where there's Civil War between them. also uses more canon continuity in Monolith Timeline)
•Grand Theft Auto (Canon through 3d Universe, following the events in "The Exchange" the turning point takes place, also uses HD universe where Trevor, Michael, and Franklin from GTA5 featured as those that escape their doomed universe only to lands in war-torn Traverse Town)
•Scooby Doo (uses different elements from different continuities: the Mystery inc takes their What's new Scooby Doo looks, incorporates some elements from Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc and the Verse uses "Composite Continuity" trope)
•Warhammer 40.000 (uses some elements from my and Philip Siberring's headcanon, the turning point takes place nearly 1000 years following 13th Black Crusade(the Universe got destroyed by Nanotech Heartless that Anunnaki spreads around Year 996.M42) incorporates elements from different editions of Warhammer 40k: from 1st edition we got non-firearm projectile weapons that's exclusive to Rogue Trader as well some Abhumans and Valedictors and Rainbow Warriors are First Founding Space Marine chapters/legions(whose their Primarchs are 2 "Missing" Primarchs: the former are named "Yamato Takeru"(since he's raised in a Ancient Japan-themed Feudal World) while latter are named after Aztec/Mayan/Incan god with Hispanic/latino Family name), From 2nd edition, we got notably Assault Cannon-armed Sentinels as well Squats(that rendered extinct by Tyranids in their home universe) and Chaos Androids(surviving Men of Iron that used as Vessel for Chaos Demons and other warp entities), From 3rd Edition we got Necrons(for most part based on this version with some elements from 5th edition) as well it's grimdarkness, and so on(from 6th edition we got Ollanius Pius being Immortal and anything done by Matt Ward got ignored), Event Horizon movie being prequel for 40k, and so on. the Imperial Guard and Loyalist Primarchs are Summon characters for Kh's Sora and Spin-off Protagonist respectively)
•Sonic the Hedgehog (Combines the Best elements of Different Sonic Continuities)
•Happy Tree Friends (uses lot of fanmade contents, notably OCs, plus the Universe got destroyed by Anunnaki's nanotech Heartless, and it serves as Spin-off Protagonist's homeworld)
•My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Canon until Season 2 finale(though it includes elements from later seasons too), it also involves some fan-made contents)
•Super Mario Bros (maybe AU, with Bowser and his people joins the Anunnaki empire as well with at least some elements from Paper Mario as well different mediums of Mario series)
•MacGyver (The MacGyver joins our heroes)
•Chzo Mythos (Canon where the Turning points takes place after Chzo replaces Cabadath with Theodore DaCabe(and after any event in Chzo Mythos), precisely following Caretaker's final meeting with Malcolm somerset himself jut before Caretaker's mortal self transformation into Caretaker itself)
•Flame of Recca (follows manga canon, turning points takes place when Alex Mercer shows up just before Recca saves Yanagi's soul from consumed by Tendo Jigoku, Alex Mercer intervenes and creates paradox that leads to this)
•Left 4 Dead (Possibly Alternate Universe where CEDA desperately calls Illuminati to deal with Zombie Apocalypse)
•Soar High! Isami (somewhat AU, the Shinsengumi warriors are joins Spin-off Heroes)
•Ghostbusters (uses Extreme Ghostbusters and the events in this project happens at least 15 years following the events in Extreme Ghostbusters, the Real Ghostbusters themselves are mentioned as being "too Old to kicks anyone includes even ghosts asses" at least by the time a Stray Heartless from Kingdom Hearts converts ghosts that the Ghostbusters hold in their containment vault into Heartless version of themselves)
•No Country for Old Men (Movie version, Anton Chigurh become ACME Corporation's mercenary, can't use book version due to book Anton Chigurh are heavily implied to be Grim Reaper-like supernatural being and Lex Luthor's extreme hatred toward Supernaturals)
•Kindaichi Case Files/Detective Academy Q (Kindaichi follows Anime canon, then goes AU through an equivalent of "Scooby Doo on Zombie Island" in this dimension(explained through verse's CERN's Pastiche), Detective Academy follows primarily canon then leads to events in this Project)
•unknown DC Universe (Lex Luthor that appears in this project are from backwater universe in DC Comics multiverse)
•Hannibal Lecter series (The Hannibal Lecter are Lex Luthor's right hand man where this Hannibal Lecter are flanderized like Lex Luthor did and he hails from same universe as this Lex Luthor did)
•Power Rangers/Super Sentai (turning point after Dino Supercharge, where Anton Chigurh murders most of the Rangers by puncturing their visors with his Captive bolt gun and some remaining Rangers are joins Spin-off Protagonist team. the Super Sentai Rangers themselves are summon characters)
•Team Fortress 2 (Alternate Universe(where the mercs are also referred as Purple Team since they're composites between RED and BLU Teams), when it's main characters are joins spin-off protagonist team in the later part of the Spin-off when they're flies to Radiant Garden)
•Nick's Avatar (Canon through TLA than TLOK, after that, the verse's tech level reaches at least cusp of Space Age)
•Jimmy Neutron (Jimmy Neutron himself plays lot like "Anonymous")
•Deus Ex (Canon through Human Revolution, then goes through Mankind Divided, and then leads to this where Adam Jensen got tons of new Technologies built into his augs)
•The Incredibles (turning point takes place after the event of the Incredibles where Syndrome survives his "Death" due to his Super suit, albeit he's forced to spent the rest of his life in the sophisticated life-support machinery powered by Zero-point energy and runs ACME Corporation computer system)
•Detective Conan/Magic Kaito (Conan Edogawa featured as Background character, then he and his friends(Including even Kaito Kid refuges into Disney Fortress due to destruction of Traverse Town that's followed destruction to his home earth in the hand of Anunnaki))

Background/Minor Series/Universes(often known as Parodies):
•Command and Conquer Red Alert (Original Red Alert 2 Timeline that main characters in first mission of Yuri's Revenge allied campaign left behind where the world ruled solely by Yuri got Steamrolled by Anunnaki forces)
•The Mummy Trilogy (canon until cliffhanger of the Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor where in this Project, this Universe is destroyed by Nanotech-implanted Heartless that Anunnaki uses to built their Kingdom hearts and this takes place following the events in the Mummy 3, only happens off-screen)
•Jurassic Park (follows movie continuity, canon through 3 films, events in Jurassic world didn't happens, the universe destroyed by Anunnaki's Nanotech Heartless, happens off-screen only)
•Call of Duty (in Modern Warfare timeline, canon until following the end of Modern Warfare 3 where John Price sucked to Nolanverse due to trans-dimensional rift after the events in Modern Warfare 3. also parodied as Morden's Waaaghfare)
•The Dark Knight Saga (Canon until the end of The Dark Knight Rises, where following the events in the Dark Knight 3, John Price got stranded in this universe, and due to his PTSD, John price decided to kills everyone in Nolanverse(or at least sizable amount of Nolanverse inhabitants), continuity ignores everything that happens in "Gotham Knight" Anime as this anime(like any other attempts to fits more Sci-fi and Supernatural elements of Batman(and DC universe) into Nolanverse) are inevitably retconned)
•Angry Birds (the Angry Birds are summon characters)
•Plants vs Zombies (Lumpy uses Plants vs Zombies Plants to vainly fights Incoming Nanosuit Zombies and Plague Marines, also when Mimi Tachikawa uses her powers to summons PvsZ styled plants to fought first battle between her new friends alongside Teen Titans)
•Insaniquarium (the titular Aquarium is to covers the monetary costs of Spin-off Protagonists)
•South Park (Adam Jensen briefly visits this universe to catch Anton Chigurh)
•X-men cartoons (the Mutants are street gangs that fights in Traverse Town streets due to desturction of their home universe)
•American Dragon: Jake Long (Huntsclan are joins ACME Corporation likely to avenges their Home Universes that destroyed by Anunnaki's Heartless)
•Marvel Cinematic Universe (Canon until the end of Phase 3, turning point takes place after Phase 3)
•Conker's Bad Fur Day (There's Commando Conker game machine)
•Portal (Portal Gun being built into Adam Jensen's arm cannon, there's also mentioning of Aperture Science being bought by ACME Corporation)
•SCP Foundation (the SCP Foundation HQ got nuked by Anunnaki forces with Antimatter charge in their Covert operation and it's monsters are conscripted to Anunnaki army)
•Pacman (Pacman got featured as villain)
•2001: A Space Oddyssey (Parodied in the Movie's Prologue)
•Marvel vs Capcom (the UMVC3 game are played by Lifty and Shifty)
•Twilight (Canon until the end of Breaking Dawn, leading to events in this project where Twilight Vampires visits HTF Universe to eats it's inhabitants, then, they all got killed alongside Hannah Montana, High School musical casts, Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, iCarly casts, Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer, and Johnny test cast members)
•Johnny Test (it's cast members are killed alongside Hannah Montana, High School musical, and Twilight casts)
•Harry Potter (canon where turning points takes place after Cursed Child where everyone in Hogwarts got eaten by Hannibal Lecter field-testing his Suit of Powered Armor)
•Touhou (Splendid have a vacation trip into Gensokyo where he sneezes away a random solar system due to he's being allergic to Magic)
•Saints Row (the solar system that Splendid sneezes away are implied to be one where the series sets)
•Barney the Dinosaur (Mentioned: Barney the Dinosaur joins the ranks of the Anunnaki)
•Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (it's main characters are mentioned to be survivors that fall back to Disney fortress)
•Ben 10 (canon where Turning point takes place before Ben 10 Omniverse, then the title character got murdered by Anunnaki Assassin for his Ultimatrix)
•The Da Vinci Code (very AU, where Silas appears in flashback, harassing Kindaichi's group before stopped by Adam Jensen)
•Watchmen (Follows either Movie or comic canon, then Dr. Manhattan goes something(later revealed to be absorbed by Plankton in Final Battle))
•Time Crisis (all new verse where Wild Dog teams up with Yoichi Takato(following his escape from his home Dimension) where it's implied that both joins Illuminati, VSSE got bought by ACME Corporation)
•Bakugan (the game itself are played by some kids in Traverse Town)
•Final Fantasy (the Multiverse are got destroyed where this explains where FF characters here are exclusively Kingdom Hearts characters)
•Transformers (Parodied as the Super form of a Grox Individual)
•Are You Smarter than 5th grader (Parodied as Conspiracy theory-themed game show)
•Deal or No Deal (Parodied)
•Kool-aid (Kool-aid Man makes cameo appearance)
•Homestuck (the kids become summon character for spin-off protagonist)
•Friday the 13th (Jason Voorhees(as Uber-jason) got featured)
•Nightmare of the Elm Street (Freddy Krueger becomes Animated Armor)
•Downfall (the clip from it's Bunker Scene are used in this project's promotional material)
•Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the dimension may follows "Composite continuity" trope, the Turtles are makes cameo appearance when Spongebob and his friends escapes with MCV from Illuminati in a scene that parodies Deleted Scene concept)
•Duke Nukem (Mentioned, when the title character's preserved body are turned into Soylent emeralds)
•Sly Cooper (their native dimension got destroyed by Anunnaki's Nanotech Heartless, then Sly Cooper and his gang operates in Traverse Town and becomes Lifty and Shifty rival(that they won't match))
•Robocop (uses 2014 rebooted Robocop Movie where the Robocop himself are comes from)
•Ninku (As one of Background Universe that Anunnaki destroys with their Nanotech Heartless where it's ninjas(mostly anons) are street gangs in Traverse Town)
•Warcraft (the Burning Legion joins Anunnaki and invades Retroville, Amity Park, and Dimmsdale)
•Terminator (the turning point are takes place following Terminator Salvation where Skynet may got assimilated by CABAL)
•Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom fell victim to Extreme Ghostbusters straight up extermination of paranormal)
•Star Trek (the Ferengi themselves are visits LoK-era A:TLA dimension to spreads their Capitalism under excuse of advancing it's technology levels with the catch all of it's females are used as their sex slaves, only to have them driven away by Avatar Korra's newfound Super Saiyan powers)
•Kamen Rider (all of it's riders except Makoto Hikawa(and riders whose all of their powers are from Kamen Rider G3 suits) are murdered by Anton Chigurh)
•Futurama (mentioned as one of the universe where it's inhabitants are the only Humans/Humanoids that can enters Plankton's hideout besides people from Simpsons universe)
•Bioshock (Plasmid or whatever they called are part of Giovanni's Super Soldier's enhancements)
•Negima! (the Title Character emails Spin-off protagonist about ACME Corporation's destruction)
•Stargate (Referenced in Spongebob's Dream sequence where there's machines that transmutates yellow things into Naquadah)
•Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the Buffyverse are eaten by Anunnaki's Nanotech Heartless so it's inhabitants are ends up landing in Traverse Town)
•Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Witches are Anunnaki members)
•Overwatch (the Overwatch Crew are ordered to defends Retroville, Amity Park, and Dimmsdale from Burning Legion(the latter 2 cities are have missing it's defenders))
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This group is for handling our Brand new Parody Film Project: Ani-Toonspiracy where the Synopsis so far: This movie takes place after the event of the Spongebob Squarepants movie where Plankton somehow escaped jail, then Spongebob and his friends are blamed for the destruction of the Sea Needle and exiled from bikini bottom only to meets and joins groups of characters from countless other Movies, TV series, and Games and fights New World Order, Illuminati, and Anunnaki whose ranks includes Pacman, Cho Seung Hui, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, the Grox, the Transformers, etc that plots something that simmered for eons

keywords: Teen Titans, Heroes, Pokemon, Digimon, Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You, Spongebob Squarepants, The Simpsons, Happy Tree Friends, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Sonic, Mario, Warhammer 40000, Metal Slug, Crysis, Spore, Doom, Halo, Angry Birds, Portal, Pacman, Command and Conquer, First Encounter Assault Recon, Call of Duty, Half Life, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Jonas Brothers, Twilight, Justin Bieber, iCarly, Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg, Kool-Aid, Amazing Alex, Flame of Recca, The Mummy, Jurassic Park, Real Life(mainly for it's Conspiracy Theories), Prototype, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Grand Theft Auto, The Legend of Korra, Transformers, Iji, Chzo Mythos, Soylent Green, 2001 Space Oddyssey, and crossovers countless more
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